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Our sankalpa is that this website may bring you the blessings of the Sanatan Dharma in the form of peace, prosperity, and knowledge.

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    The Matrix of Sacred Speech Project

    I will tell you a story of how Speech plays the determining role in our consciousness, in our life experience, & how we know ourselves. I personify Speech as Mother Goddess.

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    Baba Rampuri reads from his book, "Autobiography of a Sadhu" during a recent Sacred Speech MasterClass. It's a very mystical couple of pages, filled with analogy and metaphor.

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    Must Read Books


    Great books that Baba considers valuable for our discussions about Sanatan Dharma, Sacred Speech, Hindu culture, and the many diverse traditions of India.  

    Sacred Speech MasterClass


    • How can you expand your consciousness by exploring and discovering the power of speech embedded in your genetic code?
    • In what ways does sacred speech underlie our experience, perceptions, and our knowledge of self?
    • How do the principles of sacred speech lend themselves to fulfilling your human potential?

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  • Autobiography of a Sadhu


    Against the backdrop of arcane Indian tradition, this fast-paced, often self-effacing adventure story treats the reader to a rare insider’s perspective and a unique insight into the traditional path of Sanatan Dharma and India’s Hindu culture.


    The latest edition of Baba Rampuri’s book 'Autobiography of a Sadhu, a Journey into Mystic India' was published in English by Inner Traditions in March 2010. It is also published in German, Russian, Croatian and Czech Languages.

    autobiography of a sadhu

    excerpts from Autobiography of a Sadhu


  • Videos from the 2013 Maha Kumbh Mela

    Naga Sadhu Procession, Kumbh Mela 2013
    Arati at Baba Rampuri's dhuni
    Jangams at Baba Rampuri's dhuni
    Blessings of H.H. Sw. Avdheshanand Giri