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“Our sankalpa is that this spiritual website may bring you the blessings of the Sanatan Dharma in the form of higher consciousness, peace, prosperity, and knowledge.” – Baba Rampuri

The Enigma of the Goddess Kundalini

Madame Kundalini and Her magic carpets

Deconstructing the modern usage of the word, “Kundalini,” Baba Rampuri discusses the transcendental aspects of one of the Sanatan Dharma’s most enigmatic Goddesses. The storytelling took place during the recent Mahashivaratri retreat at Baba’s dhuni.

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Bhajans & Chanting

“Baba Rampuri Chants Bhajans & Stotras at the Dhuni” – Maha Shivaratri Retreat participants join Baba in chanting Ganesh and Guru Dattatreya Aartis, and Vande Stotram.


During a recent retreat at Baba Rampuri’s dhuni, he tells the story of the birth of Guru Dattatreya and the Stri Shakti (Feminine Divine) of his mother, Anusuya Devi. Guru Dattatreya is known as the guru of yogis, ascetics, jnanis, shamans, and alchemists.


Patanjali’s texts are among the greatest intellectual works in the world. “Mahabhashya” or the “Great Commentary” is that on Panini. The “Yoga Sutras” connects cognition with Speech.

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Weaponizing Yoga I

“When knowledge is weaponised, it is made opaque and useless, and the human race suffers. Modern Consumer Yoga is responsible for Weaponizing Yoga.” “When one attacks or destroys the knowledge of something, this may be called “epistemic violence.” — Baba […]

defining yoga

Towards Defining Yoga II

Defining yoga depends entirely on the context in which the word “yoga” is used. Modern western discourse (outside some pockets of the academy) is mostly not about thinking at all-its about control and commodification- modern “yoga” is trying to make […]

Post Modern Yogi

Practice & Truth in Yoga III

“But the fact of the matter is the horse is out the barn. Call it junk, industrial or corporate yoga—these Tupperware parades of cultural coercion have been clawing at the landscape since the early 1980s like unrelenting sets of gargantuan […]


Fetishizing Yoga IV

“Imagine the reaction of ‘the West’ or of ‘Western discourse’ should an Indian (or an Arab) write an ethnology of the West according to other categories, their different way of looking at things. Ram Swaroop, in India in the 60’s, […]


Speech and Yoga V

What is truly spectacular and indispensable about Sanskrit, IF EVEN for no other reason, is because the language comes with a highly detailed manual, including the code itself, supported by 2500 years of commentary. Compared to Sanskrit, the manuals that […]

Consumer Yoga

Western Industrial Modern Postural Yoga VI

… how something is propagated, marketed. In the West what distinguishes Yoga from another system of physical culture is its branding, packaging and marketing as the “exotic” “mystical east” with its “until now” secret techniques, cures, and charms. In India, […]

Ram and Guru Vashith

Is Western Yoga Indian VII

“I like your intrigue in China. You may want to delve into the siddhas of Tamil Nadu for your answer. Bhoghanathar in particular whose guru Kalingi Natha lived in China got Bhoga(natha) over to China to take over his mission. […]

Yoga School

Yoga Education VIII

Yoga Education – “In court today, Dean Broyles argued that “to attempt to strip religion from objectively religious rituals, to try to separate the metaphysical from the physical, is a fool’s errand.” “Take for example a catholic mass, which involves […]