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“Our sankalpa is that this spiritual website may bring you the blessings of the Sanatan Dharma in the form of higher consciousness, peace, prosperity, and knowledge.” – Baba Rampuri

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“The Yogi and the Goat.” Baba Rampuri tells a story about an amazing yogi.
The West’s discovery of Panini and his text changed the way speech is understood, created the discipline of linguistics,
the knowledge in his text is at the foundation of almost all the various disciplines in Indian Tradition.

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Gayatri Yantra


Sacred Speech MasterClass The MYSTERY OF POWER AND MEANING “The Goddess of Learning does not smile on those who neglect the Ancients.” Live Webinar hosted by Baba Rampuri Starts May 8, 2014 MasterClass Videos (many more in the Members’ Archive)