Naga Baba

video Jangams at the Kumbh Mela


The Jangams are a mystical caste of itinerant bards closely attached to Naga Babas, singing trance inducing songs of the lineages of yogis, songs of secret knowledge, and about Gods and Goddesses. Here they appear at the dhuni of Baba [...]

standard Om Nama Shivaya

A dwarf leads the Naga Babas, Naked Yogis, of Juna Akhara chanting “OM NAMA SHIVAYA!” From the 1998 Kumbh Mela in Hardwar.

standard First Kumbh Mela

First Kumbh MelaMy First Kumbh Mela

Baba Rampuri is interviewed by Ossi Urchs in Munich, Germany, about his experiences as a Naga Baba and his book, now called Autobiography of a Sadhu – a Journey into Mystic India.