Podcasts are now available

This is the first step in getting more audio material out on the site.

We’ll be posting some of Baba Rampuri’s many recordings, arati, bhajans and talks by Baba Rampuri.
The recordings are not studio productions, but recorded at tirthas, in temples, by the dhuni and from his satsangs.
So expect wind, birds and people talking.

Dattatreya Arati – with Baba Rampuri, chelas and students. From a retreat Baba hosted in Sweden, 2009.


Enjoy !!


  1. Dear Babaji,

    Please accept my humble obeisances. Bhaja Govindam! Jaya!

    Thank you for sharing this great song. This is the same song Vasist Giri was singing in the video by Michael York, Journey of a Saint.

    May I please request that you post the lyrics here or link to a site that has the lyrics so we can sing along.

    Is this hymn from the Puranas?

    Thank you again for sharing this great spiritual hymn,
    much love,

  2. Dear Baba,

    Please accept my humble obeisances. Haribol!

    In one of your talks I just listened to about the Mother Goddess it seems that you were staying in India for years at a streach. Is this true?

    I am planning on going to India in less than a year and unfortunately I am unable to stay there longer than 6 months at a time on a tourist Visa?

    You, being from CA, how were you able to stay in India for years at a streach?

    Thank you,

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