Gangotri Baba … chapter 14

Gangotri Baba

I crisscrossed India visiting temples and babas during a year of wanderlust that finally deposited me at the dhuni of Ganga Giri Baba, known as Gangotri Baba, in the Kumaun Himalayas, near the eastern border of Nepal. Tall, emaciated, crowned with dreadlocks, and covered in ashes, he could have frightened off any ghost from any cremation ground. He was a tantric and a healer. And he was quite mad but I felt perfectly at home.

When I first arrived, I spent a few nights sleeping at the dhuni, but when it appeared I intended to stay a while, Gangotri Baba showed me a nearby cave, which became my home for the next couple of months.

I would spend my mornings and evenings with Gangotri Baba but we were rarely alone. People came from far and wide, some to be healed but most of them for help with invisible powers. Some wanted success, riches, sons, victory in an undertaking, or revenge. Others suspected malevolent interference in their lives from human, ghost or god.