Names of Gods … from chap 6

Names of Hindu Gods

The Names of the Gods

O, the names of gods!  There are hundreds of millions of them. Brahma Vishnu Shiva Hanuman Ram Sita Indra Vayu Agni Ganga Yamuna Saraswati Vishwanath Bholenath Kedarnath Bhairon Mahakal Mahakali. How will I ever know even all their names, which are their epithets and describe their personalities? Then there are the names of all the rishis, asuras, gandharvas, apsaras, yakshas, and yogis, and the names of all things and their order.

“Pronounce them!” Hari Puri Baba commanded. “The mere articulation of the names of the gods brings prosperity to Earth and blessings to the speaker. Don’t say them under your breath but loudly and clearly. Invoke them. And sing, if you can, the streams of stories that all empty into story ocean. That is what brings their power to the now, here!”