Autobiography of a Sadhu: REVIEWS

Autobiography of a Sadhu: Reviews

“Rampuri seeks the ability to read the book of the world but there are too many obstacles in his way. He marvels at the way Hari Puri Baba talks the language of crows and doles out advice, cures, and blessings to the people who come to him. After his guru’s death, Rampuri feels that he has possessed him. At the end of this compelling autobiography, the author says that he hopes readers will be edified and entertained by his quest for Truth and his adventures in the Extraordinary World.”

Secret Traditions

Autobiography of a Sadhu: A Journey into Mystic India Secret Traditions Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (03/10) We often hear of secret traditions in religions or groups but because of the secretive nature it […]