Guru Dattatreya


The performance of dakshina is a ritual of offering to a teacher, a baba, a shaman, or a priest demonstrating appreciation for who he or she may be, or for some specific sacred, healing, intellectual, or aesthetic work.

But, even much more than showing appreciation and respect, ANY ritual offering is a “sacrifice” of the individual towards the collective, for the collective good. We chant, “this is now to Agni (Lord of Fire Who gives light to all), and no longer mine..” as we make offerings of our essentialized selves in the form of ghee to the fire, during the vedic sacrifice, the yajna.

The dakshina offered here shows that you respect and value the work of Baba Rampuri and others like him in the diverse wisdom traditions, and that you want to be part of that story, as your ritual “sacrifice” connects you the work & the collective.

It is also the wish and Sankalpa of Baba Rampuri that Prosperity be one of the many fruits of this offering for the giver.

Dakshina – Auspicious Numbers

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