Impersonated by an Identity Thief

baba rampuri

Baba Rampuri

Impersonated by an Identity Thief

I am currently being impersonated by a Rajeev Pandit of Bhopal, India, who has made fraud websites and social media sites in which he is impersonating me, claiming to be me.

Although this has been continuous for about a year, his current acts of impersonation and their intended deception, force me to make a public record on my blog, for the purpose of warning my followers and the public not to be deceived by his fraud and thus injured in any way.

guru dattatreya

The Great Witness Guru Dattatreya

Fraud Website

He has created a fraud website in my name, nagababarampuridotcom, which I don’t recommend you visit because of the tracking devices, and virus that, I’m told, may be present. The donation buttons, in my name, are a fraud.

My intellectual property is stolen, then edited, altered, and photoshopped. My logos are stolen. He impersonated me, and listed my name as owner, administrator, and techie of the fraud website and put donation buttons on every page in an attempt to defraud the public and my followers, who hadn’t yet figured out the site itself was a fake.

This is a shameful, grotesque, and illegal distortion of my work. He then widely distributed emails and Facebook messages with links to the fraud website in an attempt to defame me and defraud people. This is one of the specific intents of Indian IT ACT section 66A, to prevent the internet to be used in that way, and to punish those who do. This is obviously strictly against Facebook’s stated policy as well.

Fraud Social Media

He has now created, in my name, a fraudulent Facebook page, Baba Ram Puri, which he is using to lure innocent people, mainly who follow me and mainly female, to this page, thinking it is my page, and further sending messages, in my name, to unsuspecting people, who are deceived into thinking it is me. Two females have already given me reports of this deception.

He further has created a fraud Skype address, rampuribaba1, again claiming to be me, to which he attempts to lure his victims.

Some laws protect our freedoms

It is very difficult to stop those like Rajeev Pandit, self admittedly well trained in internet manipulation and deception. He brags of his 17 aliases on Facebook, with which he attempts to construct opinion, and interact with unsuspecting people, under false names, hiding his real identity of Rajeev Pandit. It was in this way he spread the links across Facebook, and to my own followers, in an attempt to lure people to the fraud website, and defame me. This kind of gross deception is described conclusively in section 66A. I suppose his arrogance supersedes not only Indian Laws (which, obviously, he has no respect for, as he violates them flagrantly) and International Laws, but the common laws of human decency.

Despite about one year now of harassment, extortion, threats, fraud, theft of name and intellectual property, defamation, and other violations of Indian Penal Code, it is not my desire or wish for punishment, per se,  but the public must be protected from him and people like him. Even if laws may be misused, we have them for a very good reason, Mr. Pandit.

In a society, there exists a contract between the governing authorities and the public, that they may be secure in their person, family, and properties, and that they may pursue their occupations so as to bring support and well being to their families and communities. I am referring specifically to those laws which address the public’s general safety and prosperity. If someone wants to drink too much, visit prostitutes and cheat on his taxes, well, that’s between him and the government, or his family, or his deity, it’s absolutely not my concern. But when he steals or attempts to hurt people, then the public must demand protection from him by the governing authorities. A crime perpetrated on any individual is an act to weaken the social contract that the public must enforce by making this known. Our system of Democracy, as flawed as it may be, is based on this social contract, as the majority select an authority they believe will best maintain and enforce this contract.

Naga Baba Arjun Puri Ji Maharaj

Shri Maharaj Arjun Puri Ji Maharaj

shri maharaj

Shri Maharaj Kapil Puri

Siddha Guru Arjun Puri

Siddha Guru Arjun Puri


Lineages of Juna Akhara

The New Virtual World

Especially with the advent of the iPhone and the Androids, our lives have become more intertwined with the internet, whose original promise of a certain freedom, a movement in virtual spaces allowing connections and sharing, resourcing common interest, publishing to niche audiences, sharing ideas, seems very Utopian now, as the new post-Snowden reality becomes more clear to more people.

The reality is NOT that “your government is spying on you,” – they’ve been doing it as best they can for 1000’s of years – it’s more that surveillance and cyber control operations have been contracted out to private players, whose sole interest is commercial.  

Snowden revealed the enormous scale and loose control in this culture of greed, and the seeming lack of awareness of the civilizational catastrophe it is capable of unleashing. This is neither contained within the “security” establishment, nor within the more elite contractors, but filters down to the street, both the culture and the technology. The result is that the internet has become a dangerous place. The “street” criminals are always available as sub-contractors.

Culture of surveillance and cyber control

Well, of course, the culture of surveillance and cyber control filters down beyond the contractors and it becomes a fact of life on the internet. It’s unfortunate but very predicable. Even being largely invisible to masses, their eyesight stolen by their iPhones – others, who may be curious, articulate, or just plain alternative feel the loss to the greatest extent. A community’s culture contains within it the potential for healing, balancing, knowledge, and prosperity.  

By his actions described above, Rajeev Pandit shows himself as a mark of all who would exploit people, especially those people who are curious about the universe, feel a connection with humanity, and who would use their lives to serve “the greater good.” These are the people, spiritual people, who are the most vulnerable to these monsters, and these are the people who should be protected from them.

Otherwise Rajeev Pandit and his kind make spirituality a dangerous place, like they have already made the internet. He clearly demonstrates a cynical hypocrisy for the Sanatan Dharma, Indian culture, and the spiritual quest, using crude spiritual cliches as an entre leading to fraud and sexual harassment. In my name.

Learning from the pros

Reading Glen Greenwald’s and others’ coverage of the aftermath of l’Affaire Snowden, I could see just how many of the techniques of surveillance and cyber control, such as discrediting certain journalists or people who in some way challenge the power elite, have filtered down to the street and into my face. Rajeev Pandit has cyber-stalked me (a crime) now, for at least a year on internet, maybe considerably longer, and vainly attempted to weave together odd out-of-context fragments into a sinister plot, which he then publishes, for the purpose of defamation. Right out of the handbook. I was amazed and impressed with the sheer volume of content-less and context-less material that somehow mentions my name or association somewhere.


Rajeev Pandit then created an biographical entry for me in Wikipedia. Another main target of cyber control, which is especially good for publishing a falsely constructed scandal, photoshopped together with out-of-context web snippets.

But not only does he attempt to discredit the target, he discredits Wikipedia at the same time. At time of first posting, there was hardly a fact in the article, the English was atrocious, there were links to a fraud website, and the intention is obvious – defamation. So, one may ask, “Is this what Wikipedia has become?” And the answer is that again we see wonderful potential exploited by agendas of greed and manipulation, and as long as we as communities, and as a society allow miscreants to twist truths and our access to them in criminal ways, then we had better quickly start seeking safer places for our virtual lives.

Shri Hari Puri Ji Maharaj

Shri Hari Puri Ji Maharaj


Pir Sandhya Puri Ji Maharaj

Amar Puri Maharaj

Pir Ji Amar Puri Maharaj

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Satsang - Baba Rampuri

Baba Rampuri


Mahakal in Ujjain

Chandi Yajna

Chandi Yajna

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Baba Rampuri, author of "Autobiography of a Sadhu, a Journey into Mystic India," and frequent commentator on Oral Tradition, Sacred Speech, and Consciousness, is an American expatriate,  the first foreigner to be initiated into India's largest and most ancient order of yogis, the Naga Sannyasis of Juna Akhara.  He has lived in India since 1970, where he practices and teaches the oral tradition of the Sanatan Dharma, conducts sacred ceremony and rites, and hosts workshops and retreats.

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