Sacred Speech MasterClass


“The Goddess of Learning does not smile on those who neglect the Ancients.”

Live Webinar hosted by Baba Rampuri
Continuing on May 8, 2014

Join me and my guests, and explore with us the foundations of Baba Rampuri HS right2consciousness that we will discover within our own speech.

This is an on-going Masterclass on sacred speech from which you will gain a basic understanding in the key aspects of sacred speech, its interpretation, and how it applies to the timeless art of connection with the universe and the resulting personal liberation.

We will explore “The Masters of Sacred Speech” and their teachings, which have not only guided the Wisdom Traditions of India, but as we will see, have a major influence on our modern world.

You will be part of the conversation, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call. If you happen to miss a live session, you can view a video recording at any time, as well as past recordings.   These sessions are filled with provocative content, clear explanations, and practical insight from Baba Rampuri and his guests.   Learn about:

      • The Secret of syllables and mantras
      • How Sacred Speech is the very foundation of the ancient Wisdom Traditions of India
      • How a 5th century BC grammatical text is the foundation of the IT revolution
      • An integral perspective of sacred speech that provide the tools necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the Speech of Nature.
      • Accessing the the speech that lies within you for self-knowledge
      • How can you expand your consciousness by exploring and discovering the power of speech embedded in your genetic code?
      • In what ways does sacred speech underlie our experience, perceptions, and our knowledge of self?
      • How do the principles of sacred speech lend themselves to fulfilling your human potential?

The Masterclass-webinar is most exciting to me because of its potential to eliminate distance between the author and the reader, as well as between the printed text and its knowledge. The Masterclass is not for everyone, as I intend to explore, together, a difficult terrain, and that requires participants to have a commitment to obtain knowledge of sacred speech, and won’t settle for less. The Masterclass is my offering to the new paradigm of collaboration between creative people and their audiences.

This is the opportunity to go past the covers of the book, and receive from me, the author, the Commentary.  You will get explanation and stories that could never go into the text, itself. And you can question until you reach some understanding. But the magic is that you will also inform me in this Masterclass – by your questions, your interest (or lack thereof), and your own commentary.

The storyteller is as good as he knows an audience – in the new paradigm of collaboration, the audience becomes part of actually creating the content of the text. I believe we learn a lot from this experience, as much about the medium as about the message – this is a calling for innovation, working together to keep knowledge alive & flourishing in times of great change.

“Masters of Sacred Speech”


May 8 – “Panini, Vedic Ritual & Meta-Language”
Host: Baba Rampuri
12 noon New York • 9 am San Francisco • 5 pm London  • 6 pm Berlin
In this session we will discuss the sage Rishi Panini, whose 5th century BC text, The Ashtadhyayi, is considered by some to be humankind’s greatest known intellectual accomplishment.  We will discuss the text itself, it’s application and raison d’etre in ancient India, the Vedic sacrifice, mantras, and analogies.  And then we will see how the West’s discovery of Panini and his text changed the way speech was understood, created the discipline of linguistics, and how by the 1940’s had influenced mathematics to the degree that computer programming languages became possible.  Almost every major figure in Indian traditions is influenced by him, and the knowledge in his text is at the foundation of almost all the various disciplines in Indian tradition.  So the knowledge of Panini and his work is indispensible for anyone involved in traditional Indian culture.
Topics will include: Uniqueness of Sanskrit, sacred grammar, Vedic ritual, metalanguage, Sacred Speech and modern mathematics theory.
May 15 – “Patanjali and his Yoga Sutras”
Host: Baba Rampuri
12 noon New York • 9am San Francisco • 5pm London  • 6pm Berlin
Although the “poster-boy” of the modern yoga movement, very few of the physical culturists know Patanjali as he is known in traditional India as one of the greatest of all the commentators of Panini and master of sacred speech.
May 22 – “Yoga Sutras – Knowledge & Consciousness”
Host: Baba Rampuri
12 noon New York • 9am San Francisco • 5pm London  • 6pm Berlin
Due to the popularity of our May 15th conversation on Patanjali, we will continue in this webinar with a focus on the Yoga Sutras, themselves. We will explore how Patanjali applies metaphysical speech for the purpose of self-knowledge.
June 5 – “Bhartrihari, Cognition, and Speech”
Host: Baba Rampuri
12 noon New York • 9am San Francisco • 5pm London  • 6pm Berlin
June 19 – “Bhartrihari and Patanjali”
Host: Baba Rampuri
12 noon New York • 9am San Francisco • 5pm London  • 6pm Berlin
August 7 – “Abhinavagupta – Tantra and Sacred Speech”
Host: Baba Rampuri
12 noon New York • 9am San Francisco • 5pm London  • 6pm Berlin
September 4 – “Kashmiri Shaivism”
Host: Baba Rampuri
12 noon New York • 9am San Francisco • 5pm London  • 6pm Berlin
October 2 – “Moderns & Post-Moderns – Chomsky, Staal, Derrida, & Foucault”
Host: Baba Rampuri
12 noon New York • 9am San Francisco • 5pm London  • 6pm Berlin

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