Song for Pir Shams

Suryadima plays the Saz & sings for Pir Shams

At the dhuni of Baba Rampuri

Pir Shams

Pir Shams

Persian Dervish Suryadima sings the praises of Pir Shams, known as the guru of the greatest of Persian poets, Jalaluddin Rumi.

His masterful performance takes place at the dhuni of Baba Rampuri, which is known as “Pir Keshav Puri Multani Baba ka Asthan.”

The Pir, who lived in the 13th-14th century, was known by several names, including Pir Shams Tabriz, Pir Shams Sabzwara, and Pir Keshav Puri Multani Baba.

He was known in the medieval world from the Mediterranean to the Bay of Bengal, and has been honored and worshipped by Hindus, Muslims, and Others.