Hari Puri Baba … chapter 3

Naga Baba Hari Puri Ji Maharaj

Hari Puri Baba sat like a general on his tiger skin, his fragile body appearing much larger than it actually was. He shared his throne with a much larger sadhu, whom I learned later was Amar Puri Baba. He was equally well groomed but made himself smaller out of love for his guru bhai, his spiritual brother.

As different as two men were in looks and temperament, they could have been twins. Raising both hands, Hari Puri Baba silenced his rowdy troops as I approached. Six ghost faces turned toward me and six jaws dropped. Had they never seen a foreigner before? They looked me up and down, as did Hari Puri Baba. Amar Puri Baba squinted. He was suspicious. Hari Puri Baba leaned forward and fingered one of the tiger claws.