Diwali 2014-1200

The Mother Goddess Retreat

Diwali 2014 Retreat Photos

The Art of Gesture

The Art of Gesture… The gestures of spiritual discourse. Baba Rampuri’s art of gesture is captured in photos, performing his “dance of consciousness” – giving teachings during the recent Diwali 2014 Mother Goddess Retreat in India. […]

Baba Rampuri's autobiography: his lifetime among Naga Babas of Juna Akhara

among Naga Babas at Kumbh Mela

Among Naga Babas – Baba Rampuri

An ANGREZ among NAGA BABAS Baba Rampuri’s Story An autobiographical novel describing his years of discipleship among Naga Babas. (with 18 pages of new rare photos) Within the arcane & sometimes even dangerous akhara, Baba must […]

sadhu excerpts

Autobiography of a Sadhu: Excerpts

Read fifty full page excerpts from Baba Rampuri’s classic book, that provides an articulate insider’s description of the wisdom tradition of the Naga Babas.

Autobiography of a Sadhu Reviews

Autobiography of a Sadhu: Reviews

“Rampuri seeks the ability to read the book of the world but there are too many obstacles in his way. He marvels at the way Hari Puri Baba talks the language of crows and doles out advice, cures, and blessings to the people who come to him. After his guru’s death, Rampuri feels that he has possessed him. At the end of this compelling autobiography, the author says that he hopes readers will be edified and entertained by his quest for Truth and his adventures in the Extraordinary World.”


Baba Rampuri reads from “Autobiography of a Sadhu”

“When I turned around, I saw myself reflected from every angle. In fact, I was in a room full of mirrors, and there were now thousands of me. The sky had vanished, replaced by a ceiling mirror, and when I looked up, my multitudes looked down on me. Hari Puri was no longer with me and I was sitting atop an abyss, in a world that consisted only of my own reflected image.”

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daf master

Daf at the Dhuni

The Daf at the Dhuni. The Daf at the Dhuni.Ancient Kurdish, Persian, and Indian Drum.Magic tool of Shamans.Baba Suryademah’s mastery.Live performance at the dhuni from Mahashivaratri 2020.


Mass Media Interview with Baba Rampuri

Mass Media, Propaganda, and Sacred speech. Baba Rampuri is interviewed by Thomas Steininger, the editor of “Evolve,” a leading magazine of consciousness and culture in Germany, https://www.evolve-magazin.de/, on sacred speech in the postmodern world of mass […]

Must Read Books List

Must Read Booka

Must Read Books List – higher consciousness

Baba Rampuri’s “Must Read Books List” In response to numerous requests for a reading list, I have listed those books and authors I consider valuable, in various ways, for the Conscious Spiritual Mind, and as a […]