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  • Deconstructing Consumer Yoga

    I participated in a conversation on my Facebook profile page between May 16-19, with the purpose to examine closely our own narratives about yoga, spirituality, mysticism, self-knowledge.  The goal is to use that “deconstruction” as an […]

  • Spiritual Retreats

    Baba Rampuri’s Spiritual Retreats and Events Past, Present, & Future My next retreat, December 18-24, 2015, “Deconstructing Yoga; Liberating Consciousness” will be at my dhuni, the sacred hearth, in Goa, India. We will make a homa, […]

  • Deconstructing Yoga 2015

    Deconstructing Yoga: Liberating Consciousness Retreat hosted by Baba Rampuri at his dhuni in Goa, India December 18-24, 2015 Our December retreat, “Deconstructing Yoga: Liberating Consciousness,” will take place at my dhuni in Goa from December 18-24, […]

  • Read excerpts from Autobiography of a Sadhu

    “I dreamed India into existence. Not that it was my personal private dream, but a believable movie reasonably constructed from the group psyche. It was comforting this dream, cushioned, as it were, with familiarity. It tamed […]

  • Consciousness & Speech Series : Videos

    Consciousness & Speech Series Videos Conversations from our Sacred Speech MasterClass.

  • MasterClass

    Sacred Speech MasterClass The MYSTERY OF POWER AND MEANING “The Goddess of Learning does not smile on those who neglect the Ancients.” Live Webinar hosted by Baba Rampuri Continuing on May 8, 2014 MasterClass Videos (many […]

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Weaponizing Yoga I

“When knowledge is weaponized, it is made opaque and useless, and the human race suffers. Modern Consumer Yoga is responsible for Weaponizing Yoga.” *

“When one attacks or destroys the knowledge of something, this may be called “epistemic violence.” — Baba Rampuri

defining yoga

Towards Defining Yoga II

Defining yoga depends entirely on the context in which the word “yoga” is used. Modern western discourse (outside some pockets of the academy) is mostly not about thinking at all-its about control and commodification- modern “yoga” […]

Post Modern Yogi

Practice & Truth in Yoga III

“But the fact of the matter is the horse is out the barn. Call it junk, industrial or corporate yoga—these Tupperware parades of cultural coercion have been clawing at the landscape since the early 1980s like […]


Fetishizing Yoga IV

I find very few people in the New Age, Yoga, and Spiritual movements questioning the very foundations of their ideologies and beliefs, and although enchanted by Indian culture, are no different in their structure of thinking about these things, meaning, using the same discourse as the people who give us the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to come to their New Age conclusions.


Speech and Yoga V

What is truly spectacular and indispensable about Sanskrit, IF EVEN for no other reason, is because the language comes with a highly detailed manual, including the code itself, supported by 2500 years of commentary. Compared to […]

Consumer Yoga

Western Industrial Modern Postural Yoga VI

… how something is propagated, marketed. In the West what distinguishes Yoga from another system of physical culture is its branding, packaging and marketing as the “exotic” “mystical east” with its “until now” secret techniques, cures, […]

Latest Videos

Guru Dattatreya

Guru Dattatreya Story

During a recent retreat at Baba Rampuri’s dhuni, he tells the story of the birth of Guru Dattatreya and the Stri Shakti (Feminine Divine) of his mother, Anusuya Devi. Guru Dattatreya is known as the guru […]


Vedic Fire Sacrifice I

Baba Rampuri’s workshop on Vedic Fire Sacrifice, Havan, during recent Mahashivaratri retreat at his dhuni. Part I.

Read Baba Rampuri's story - "Autobiography of a Sadhu"

Autobiography of a Sadhu by Baba Rampuri

Autobiography of a Sadhu

In his quest for self knowledge & the sacred, Baba Rampuri is initiated as the first foreigner into the mystical & often dangerous world of the Naga Sadhu.

sadhu excerpts

Autobiography of a Sadhu: Excerpts

Read fifty full page excerpts from Baba Rampuri’s classic book, that provides an articulate insider’s description of the wisdom tradition of the Naga Babas.

Autobiography of a Sadhu Reviews

Autobiography of a Sadhu: Reviews

“Rampuri seeks the ability to read the book of the world but there are too many obstacles in his way. He marvels at the way Hari Puri Baba talks the language of crows and doles out advice, cures, and blessings to the people who come to him. After his guru’s death, Rampuri feels that he has possessed him. At the end of this compelling autobiography, the author says that he hopes readers will be edified and entertained by his quest for Truth and his adventures in the Extraordinary World.”


Baba Rampuri reads from “Autobiography of a Sadhu”

“When I turned around, I saw myself reflected from every angle. In fact, I was in a room full of mirrors, and there were now thousands of me. The sky had vanished, replaced by a ceiling mirror, and when I looked up, my multitudes looked down on me. Hari Puri was no longer with me and I was sitting atop an abyss, in a world that consisted only of my own reflected image.”

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Meeting Cartouche … chapter 1

Meeting Cartouche THE THREE-DECKED STEAMSHIP HAD BEEN FOLLOWING the contour of the palm-lined Indian coastline since sunrise, weaving its way through flotillas of fishing boats and other small ships until it reached Bombay. The voyage from […]