Nine Chandika Invocation – Day Three

Invoking the Nine Durgas – Chandika Invocation

The Nine Chandikas or Durgas are: Śailaputrī, Brahmachāriṇī, Chandraghaṇṭā, Kūṣmāṇḍa, Skanda-Mātā, Kātyāyanī, Kālarātrī, Mahāgaurī, and Siddhidātrī. In the Chandika Invocation, we perform two complete recitations of the Durga Saptashati, which are recited all over India during Navratri. We follow that with the homa or havan, a vedic fire sacrifice, to each of the Nine Mother Goddesses. We ask for their blessings and protection.

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Baba Rampuri, author of "Autobiography of a Sadhu, a Journey into Mystic India," and frequent commentator on Oral Tradition, Sacred Speech, and Consciousness, is an American expatriate,  the first foreigner to be initiated into India's largest and most ancient order of yogis, the Naga Sannyasis of Juna Akhara.  He has lived in India since 1970, where he practices and teaches the oral tradition of the Sanatan Dharma, conducts sacred ceremony and rites, and hosts workshops and retreats.

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