Yoga Shakti & The Mother Goddess – X

Yoga Shakti & The Mother Goddess

The Yogi, blessings, and Maa

According to the oral tradition of the Naga yogis, the main role of the yogi in his relationship with the world is to give blessings. He is not a preacher, and only a teacher in a very general sense of making people aware of the importance and direction of knowing oneself, and therefore bringing more balance and happiness into one’s life. The “world” comes to the yogi for his blessings, that magic touch, which makes the impossible happen and charms one’s life – bringing health and prosperity.

But, the Yogi doesn’t have the blessings to give in the first place. Blessings – Prosperity, Health, and Well-being, are the nature and substance of the Mother Goddess, Shakti. We know Her by Her fertility which resembles a rich blanket of vegetation growing on Her surface, the fields of grain, Her mango trees heavy with ripe fruit, and her herds with udders full of milk. She is often pictured with sugar cane stalks, for Her taste is sweet. The Yogi, having an uncluttered mind resembling that of a still mirror like lake, is connected (yoga) with Her, which we call yoga shakti, and acts like a conduit through which HER blessings flow.”