Three Goddesses & Tantra

Three Goddesses & Tantra

In India, as in a number of cultures throughout the world including Orthodox Christianity, three Goddesses are recognized, with their countless personalities, manifestations, and variations.  There is a White Goddess, a Red Goddess, and a Black Goddess.

When we examine the surface of the world for marks and signs of the Goddess in all her three forms, we can’t help but notice the resemblance between Goddesses and rivers, especially the great rivers.  Many of the great rivers begin their world-creating journey in the snows and ancient glaciers of the high mountains, pulled with the gravity of the guna “rajas” towards the ocean.  She wears white as She emerges from the frozen eternity, rushing down the mountainside, changes into a red gown as she brings fertility to the Earth, settling and expanding into the plains, and then She disappears into the ocean wearing black.

Saraswati, India’s White Goddess, the Creatrix, whose name comes from the onomatopoeic syllables “sara” sounding like flowing water and meaning just about the same, is also known as Vagdevi, The Goddess of Speech, as she creates the world from the primal word.  She objectifies creation, as her consort Brahma is the subject of creation.

Mahalakshmi, India’s Red Goddess, whose name derives from the marks and signs on  the surface of the world, and their perception, is Speech fully manifested and condensed into the density of Earth.  That which springs from the Earth is man’s prosperity, be it grains, healing plants, or gold.  So she is known as the Goddess of Prosperity, the consort of Vishnu, who maintains the world.

Mahakali, India’s Black Goddess, whose name means “black,” is the least understood of the three, and certainly the most enigmatic.  For as Speech is created and then manifested, it is through this very same speech that the world may be reabsorbed in the Ocean of Consciousness.  For those whom the perception of the world is the ultimate reality, this personality of nature appears terrifying, withdrawing the world into the great unknown, but to those who understand the world to be only the reality of our perception, She is the Goddess of Knowledge.

She wears skulls around her neck, syllables severed from their manifested world of 5 elements, and it is these syllables, the phonemes of our Speech responsible for our boundaries of knowledge that are withdrawn away from objectivity into subjectivity.  The Sanskrit word that Patanjali used in his Yoga Sutra was “pratyahar.”

It’s by taking things apart, spreading the pieces in front of our eyes, and then figuring out how they go back together that we realize how they work.  If there is a commonality among the various tantras, this is perhaps it, and this is why the practice of tantra is often connected with the “black” goddesses, who are often personified in horrific and frightening forms.

Those who use the knowledge that the Black Goddess marks, to grow their egos, often obtain great worldly power, but those who use the knowledge to make their egos transparent, obtain liberation.



  1. I have the deepest gratitude towards Kali Ma. Her swift and thorough action kicked me through the energetic gateway into the spiritual life. At Navaratri time in 2006 I did a Kali Puja and asked ..begged Kali Ma to blow away everything in my life that was standing between me and the divine.By the end of October all my clients had cancelled their appointments…I was a Natural Medicine Doctor with a specialty in Traditional Chinese Medicine.A week after that my part time job gave me notice that they were closing the business.My landlord asked me to move out and said if I didn’t he would serve an eviction notice.I applied for unemployment insurance and was turned down. Nobody would hire me.Then the income tax people emptied my bank account…to pay for an error I had made in my 4 years previous taxes.There I was with no income only pocket change…less than $1 turned down by every social agency I approached for help.My mind said I should be afraid…but I was’t…I felt free and fresh free falling through the cracks in the social safety net. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face …things were changing… and fast. One November day while I was walking, a psychic stopped me in the road . She said I am a psychic and I have a message for you.Well give it I said, I’m in a hurry. She asked me …do you want to become the teacher and healer you know you truly can become.Yes absolutely yes I said. Ok she said …your Master is coming at the end of March …beginning of April 2007…be ready. How do I do that I asked.She replied …there is a course that you can take..its not very expensive …maybe $150. Where do I find out about this I asked her.Watch for signs she said. what kind of signs I asked ….what does that mean. She looked as if she was listening to voices I could not hear and responded …just watch for signs. I asked for her business card in case I needed help finding this course or this Master and she gave it. When I called her 2 weeks later she had no memory of me or the incident…this was a sign…the message was only for me. On the first of Dec. I went to stay with a friend who lived up the road…I had no money for rent or food. I volunteered at a nearby old peoples home and life continued.In the middle of Dec. a young friend called and asked me if I would like to sublet her apartment in the downtown some 40 miles away.I immediately blurted out yes I’ll take it.My mind immediately called me 50 different kinds of idiot by I didn’t listen to it . I had no Idea how I would pay the rent…I didn’t even have bus fare to get there…but it just felt right. Half an hour later the Unemployment people phoned and said they had revisited my claim and I would be receiving a cheque in 1 Jan…the day I was to move into the apartment. ..another sign. I managed to get moved to the new place on Jan 1 and within days I saw a face on a wall half a block from the apartment. this face drew me like a magnet and I found myself standing and staring at it sometimes for half an hour. The bottom part of the poster had been torn off so there were no words to say who this face belonged to or where he might be found. Every other poster I found with that face also had the words obscured in some way. By anothe poster pasted on top or torn off like the first one.I would stand in front of this face and ask who are you where are you.One morning towards ti\he end of Jan I was asking these questions and had the urge to go to the public library.I was drawn to a particular book and when I opened it there was the phone number for a prayerline that promised that if you left your name on their answering machine within 24 hours 1000 people would pray for you. I went home and tried it fully expecting not to get through. I got throught and left my name. 48 hours later a friend took me to lunch at the other side of town and there on the restaurant counter was a stack of brochures with THE FACE and all the contact info I needed…another sign…When I got home I phoned continually until someone answered and they invited me to a satsang that thursday and I went.At the satsang we did a meditation watched a dvd discourse and an upcoming course for about $150 was announced. You can guess the rest and he didcome end of March beginning of April just as the psychic said and on Monday April 1 after the healer’s Initiation I became Ma Ananda Munivati.

  2. I met Ma Kali in my life when my biological mother died, I sat in the kitchen drawing sort of aimlessly , when I looked at the picture it was funeral ground with bones and pyre of fire with Ma Kali dancing at the time I did not know much about Hinduism , years later I went to india and there furthered my love to Maa . Thank You

    Blessings .

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