Tantra and Speech

Tantra and Speech

Questions and Answers from Facebook discussion of Tantra – 3

Question:     “A Speech of function, of operation, of connection with a largely unseen world(…)”

Here, I would strongly recommend to look at the connection of Tantra and Speech. With Speech are you referring to the ‘form-sound’ nature of Sanskrit? That is, that the bija sounds actually embody the energetic essence of what they represent (and so, there is the emphasis on correct pronunciation – in other words, activating Akash properly?) So, with recitation of the bija sounds in the right way the Akash vibrates in a particular way in the human body and this, (along with pranayama and visualisation), activates the nadis and chakras?

This is what I am understanding by Speech. It’s an oral tradition of transference, but also the technology of the bija sounds and how they’re used.

Baba RampuriMy answer:     I’m not referring to the form-sound nature of Sanskrit, as Sanskrit is the local cultural manifestation. But in any case, with all due respect, because you have a wonderful approach to this, you are applying a scientific model to what we, in the west, have usually referred to as magic. Not sleight of hand, but “something” that won’t surrender to science.

You describe us as if we were a machine, operating according modern scientific concept and design. But Indian tradition and other esoteric traditions don’t use this model. You describe the process as linear, turn this on, flick the switch, modulate the volume, open the valve, measure the flow, and get the result. If only it was so easy. Get the manual, license the key, and turn the damn thing on.

The bijas don’t represent things, but mark their spaces, “so that they may be known,” not as energizing sound, but by reflection and its analogy. Bijas are seed phonemes, capable of manifold proliferation. The “Limitation” of Speech into human language is only one of the forms it takes, John, and a rather crude form, at that. Still, despite it’s crude form, it provides the very handle for a human to unravel all he sees, feels, hears, and thinks back to an original source. It’s the source of all knowledge.

I know, you want the technique and technology. Unfortunately neither is important nor significant. It’s only through intimacy with Her the whole thing works.

Function, operation, & connection are invocative, not just descriptive, or suggestive.

Speech of unseen worlds is always present, and the worlds are unseen because we’re just not looking in the right direction, but they’re not hiding. The Speech of the Sky, nightly broadcasts the planetary and personal news and sitcom serials. It’s not hidden except by pollution. And yet people don’t want to look at the sky, they want to read a fairy tale about 2012. Speech goes far beyond sound and language.

"The Goddess Mookambika"

The Goddess Mookambika