The Pir of Datt Akhara after Shahi Snan

The PIR of Datt Akhara
pir datt akharaShri Mahant Mangalanand Puri and I receive blessings from our Pir and guru bhai, Paramanand Puri Ji Maharaj, at the dhuni and gadi of Datt Akhara in Ujjain, at the time of the second shahi snan.
Pir Ji comes from a long lineage of “pirs” (a Persian word) within Juna Akhara, most notably Pir Keshav Puri Multani Baba, from the 13-14th century, also known as Pir Shams Tabriz, and from whom the lineage, or marhi, is named: Multani Marhi.
To know a man, an illumined Pir, as is Paramanand Puri Ji, is a rare blessing in our modern world.
Baba Rampuri