Secret Shakti of Matrikas

Secret Shakti of Matrikas

Syllables of Sacred Speech

Basel, Switzerland, 2008

Baba Rampuri talks about the nature of sacred speech: syllables, aksharas, and matrikas living in the sacred geography of our articulation.

“For, as the stars are the witnesses and therefore the storytellers, crisscrossing all lives and all events, now and forever, Speech makes those stories known and establishes the possibilities of all knowledge. Knowledge is transported in the boat of storytelling on the Ocean of Story. The “speech” of the sky contains within it the language of The Book of the World, whose syllables reside in the sacred geography of our mouths.”


“Upama as Analogy joins together Proximity and Reflection, and through it, all the marks and signs of the universe can be drawn together. We can see that analogy in the Brhadaranyaka Upanisad:

Truly, the dawn is the head of the sacrificial horse;
the sun his eye; the wind his breath; the universal fire his open mouth.
The year is the body of the sacrificial horse;
the sky his back; the atmosphere his stomach…
the stars his bones; the clouds his flesh…”