Shiva – His Drum of Consciousness, part 6

Shiva – His Drum of Consciousness, part six

Consciousness and Speech Series VII.

Sacred Speech Masterclass VII, part 6.

When Shiva plays his damaru, his drum of consciousness, the Shiva Sutras, the phonemes of Speech, are heard.

I find that a lot of transliteration and putting a lot of this in Roman, it doesn’t, it’s fine as far as its sanctity and all that it. I mean, it doesn’t effect its being sacred or anything like that but I find that when you start to relate to these in terms of Roman letters, it bogs down your own personal process with this. So, you normally, when I teach this I encourage you to actually learn the devanagari notation, the devanagari script. Which is a lot easier than you imagine. You think it is like learning, you know, Chinese or something, but it’s not. I’ve managed to teach devanagari to people within in a few days. It’s not a complicated thing. And it greatly improves your access to the sacred spaces and the articulations. It greatly improves access over relying on Roman letters. I find Roman letters, really, you know, it can be accurate, because there’s all sorts of transliteration and diacritical marks that are accepted. Diacritical marks so that we know which syllables it refers to. But it slows down the process and it makes you think in terms of letters rather than syllables. And I know I have been going on and on about this from the beginning, making this distinction, but I think that when you finally sort of brocket {?couldn’t hear the word well here} it, that there is a huge difference between these two things and when we talk about and when we go into a conversation an esoteric conversation like this, that the fact that your are relating to articulations and syllables rather than letters is all the difference in the world. And there’s very few people that appreciate this difference, also. I have taken a look at some of the translators of Tantric texts into English and there’s hardly one of them that recognizes this difference between letters and syllables.