Makar Sankranti Blessings

Surya Narayana

Surya Narayana

I’m sending Makar Sankranti blessings to all of you

Today is observed as Makar Sankranti, the entrance of the Sun into the House of Makar (Capricorn), and His return to the “Northern Worlds” after his sojourn in the “South.” This year it falls on Saturnday, Shanivar, which significantly reflects the yearly event of the Sun visiting the house of Shani (Saturn), the Lord of Makar Rashi, who is his son with whom he doesn’t see eye to eye. This is a moment of opportunity, of giving and receiving blessings. This “Return to the Northern Worlds,” the Uttarayana, marks the sunrise of the Gods and Goddesses. Lord Vishnu defeats the demons of ignorance and oppression on this day. Let this day for all of us be a return to the Light!

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Baba Rampuri, author of "Autobiography of a Sadhu, a Journey into Mystic India," and frequent commentator on Oral Tradition, Sacred Speech, and Consciousness, is an American expatriate,  the first foreigner to be initiated into India's largest and most ancient order of yogis, the Naga Sannyasis of Juna Akhara.  He has lived in India since 1970, where he practices and teaches the oral tradition of the Sanatan Dharma, conducts sacred ceremony and rites, and hosts workshops and retreats.

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  1. Baba ji, thanks a lot for the blessings!

    I am very glad to have found this website, it is very informative, and gives me a sense of happiness and being along with enlightened people.

    I have a quick clarification, will be very happy if you can take some time to explain me regarding "Maheswara Sutra" and the effects of chanting on the sadhak.

    I somehow feel that I can't stay without chanting the sutra. But i am very confused as most of the text refers to it as 'only a foundation for the sanskrit language' and nothing much to do with spritual progress.

    Would be very thankful if you can guide me, as i want to continue chanting the Maheswara Sutra but not sure if i am taking the right approach.

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