The Mother Goddess Mookambika

Blessings & Curses

I have just returned from the temple of the Mother Goddess Mookambika, “slayer of the demon of mute-ness, the Silencer Demon,” where we had Her darshan, made offerings & sacred rites. Musicians & dancers makes offerings of their instruments and bells, & then perform for Her in Her Saraswati Mandapa, as She is also known as Saraswati. Indian storytelling is often found in the dynamic existing between curses & blessings.

The “job” of the Rishis is to articulate, and a significant part of this articulation is the performance of their sacred theater, sacred rites for the balance & prosperity of mankind – the Blessings. The “job” of the demons, the Rakshasas, is to prevent this articulation, stop the Sacred Rites, & silence the Rishis – the Curses. The Mother Goddess, Whose nature is Diversity, often incarnates in one form or another, in Her compassion for humanity, to defeat this demon of ignorance, so there might be balance & prosperity in the world. You know, storytelling. Dharma.

I invite you to join me in offering our gratitude to Her.