New Age No Edge

From our “Consciousness & Speech” Masterclass X

New Age – No Edge

From the Consciousness & Speech series MasterClass X. Baba Rampuri answers Hari Karam Singh’s questions about the rough treatment the New Age receives from the fundamentalists of modern science, and what we can do to preserve the Oral Tradition.

Baba Rampuri tells several stories in his answers. He shows little support for the New Age as he says it “reduces” precious knowledge & culture to the marketing of products and ideas. He talks about the “pet rock” fashion in comparison.

He says that the best way to preserve the oral tradition is to be a witness of the world and life, and PASS IT DOWN, to your kids, or students, or whoever you have to pass it down to.

About the Author

Baba Rampuri, author of "Autobiography of a Sadhu, a Journey into Mystic India," and frequent commentator on Oral Tradition, Sacred Speech, and Consciousness, is an American expatriate,  the first foreigner to be initiated into India's largest and most ancient order of yogis, the Naga Sannyasis of Juna Akhara.  He has lived in India since 1970, where he practices and teaches the oral tradition of the Sanatan Dharma, conducts sacred ceremony and rites, and hosts workshops and retreats.

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