Pervasive Speech – an “ah-ha” moment

From our “Consciousness & Speech” Masterclass X

Pervasive Speech – an “ah-ha” moment

Babaji: Well, I mean, I could go so far as to say it’s only because of speech that everything happens.

Michelle: Yes, but now I am looking at it as like, oh, of course, the big Ah Ha, I am having a huge Ah Ha moment.

Babaji: But still, that doesn’t mean that we take Speech and place Her on the alter and bow down and worship her. Yeh, we could do also that if you like. I am not opposed to that. But the point here, and the point of these sessions, is that we want to know how that happens and how we can engage that. It is not enough to just embrace the idea of that and reify or deify an idea but to start looking at process, the application, and the knowledge of that, and especially how that relates to the knowledge of ourselves—which is, as I have said before, is really what this whole thing is all about.

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Baba Rampuri, author of "Autobiography of a Sadhu, a Journey into Mystic India," and frequent commentator on Oral Tradition, Sacred Speech, and Consciousness, is an American expatriate,  the first foreigner to be initiated into India's largest and most ancient order of yogis, the Naga Sannyasis of Juna Akhara.  He has lived in India since 1970, where he practices and teaches the oral tradition of the Sanatan Dharma, conducts sacred ceremony and rites, and hosts workshops and retreats.

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